5Leo en Tech Crunch un interesante resumen de sites relacionados con tipografía, con el común denominador de la gratuidad.

Dónde descargar,  crear, buscar e identificar fuentes incluso desde tu iPhone.

myFontbook online font viewer and manager

BetterFonts online font database

FFonts a world of fonts out there that is just waiting for exploration

FontStruct font-building tool & editor

Fawnt one of the largest free fonts archives

Myfonts world’s largest font database & WhatTheFont font finder in the picture you uploaded

FontGenie (para iPhone) displays all available fonts on your iPhone

Fontcapture creates a font with your own handwriting

Abstract Fonts another font directory, but it has a very convenient interface

Typekit, a new font editor will offer designers more control over fonts on the web