Es realmente el producto lanzado con la letra «i» al principio del nombre el producto elegido para la gloria, como sugiere Apple Matters?

«…So the i is on top and Apple is on the bottom. With that handy little chart you can tell what Apple thinks of any product it chooses to churn out, but the best test of the chart will be when and if Apple rolls out a tablet. If Apple calls the thing an iTablet (or some other i name) you can expect the reviews to be stellar and the product to sell like crazy generating a product ecosystem devoted to the tablet. If it is called the Mac Tablet (or something similar) you’ll be able to instantly deduce that it is just another version of the Mac and nothing that will turn the world upside down. Finally, if the still-rumored device is unveiled as the Apple Tablet you’ll know that the product is (likely) not worth your time.»